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Learn how to invest in crypto with Ridz Rhule

After years of experience in the market, I have managed to build relationships and knowledge of development in the crypto space. The information provided in both my course and 1-1 mentorship program is elite, actionable information with proven results. 

1-1 Mentorship

My 1-1 mentorship is taking crypto education to another level where we will uncover the keys to unlocking financial freedom through financial literacy. This is not a get rich quick scheme and I am not promising gains overnight but I have insights and access to life changing opportunities that I will share and guide you through each step of the way. 

Included in mentorship:

  • Full access to crypto course

  • Weekly 1-1s with Ridz Rhule

  • Assistance with account set ups & security

Covered in education:

  • Quality coins, entry’s & exits.

  • Technical analysis of the market 

  • Fundamental Analysis of the projects

  • Introduction blockchains.

  • On-Chain analytics = projections 

  • Risk Management. (Capital allocation)

  • Psychology of investing.

  • Unlearn & relearn money & wealth.


1-1 mentorship is priced at £500 for three months (90 days) of support - reduced from (£1,500).

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